Cyber attack is a result of a vulnerability to social engineering. In other words, it is a type of attack by cybercriminals, from one device to another or many devices in that network. Such cyber attacks are, with an intention to attack and gain an access to information, either personal and/or official. As a result, cybercriminals peep into the information, both personal, as well as official information, is at the stake. In other words, cyber-attack is an attempt to steal, modify or destroy the information on other devices.

Types of Cyberattacks

While talking about the cyber attacks in social engineering, there are a few types of attacks that one must know.

  1. Malware.
  2. Ransomware.
  3. Phishing.
  4. And, Spear phishing.

Let us understand, each type of cyber attack, aftermaths and, ways of its prevention.


Malware is the short form of malicious software. The cyber attack, with any hidden malicious code as an attachment, of an email or as a link, which leads a system or device to compromise, is called malware.

Malware makes the systems vulnerable, as a result, it allows cybercriminals to steal your files and, other valuable documents from the hard disc or the device and even from an associated network. It also monitors the other activities like keystrokes and other actions. It further shares such activities, with the external devices on the internet. Malware cyber attacks also enable video and audio of the device, without letting the user know. Malware not only infects one device, but also, other devices, computers, and servers in the network. Juice jacking is an example of malware.


Ransomware is another type of malware. Cybercriminals design it with a capability of destroying the documents and files on your computer or any other device.

When a system or device, is infected with ransomware, it encrypts the files and documents in your local system, as well as, on a network. As a result, neither you nor any other user is able to open and use the encrypted files. Cybercriminals send the information to pay a certain amount, so as to, decrypt the file and, making them able to use again.

Cyber Attacks and Prevention


Phishing is another type of cyber attack, which is related to your personal and sensible information. It is an attempt to steal sensitive information like username, passwords, bank details, credit and, debit card details etc. In such attempts, the sender pretends to be a trustworthy sender.

Phishing emails generally contain an attachment as malware or malicious code or links to fake websites. Phishing emails tend receiver to fill the personal and sensible details in fake websites, that resemble the actual and original sites like banking, courier services, e-commerce websites. Filling the details in fake websites makes your personal and valuable information vulnerable to the cybercriminals.

Spear Phishing

Spear phishing is a type of cyber attack, which may be defined as highly targeted phishing, which is aimed at specific individuals or a group of individuals, in the organizations. It uses personal information, so as to, create trust on the targeted individual or the group of individuals.

Emails falling under spear phishing generally refers receiver by his name, designations and, other personal information. By doing so, it makes email more authentic and personal to trust the sender. These emails often encourage receivers to click the link if any in the email or open an attachment.

Cyber Attack – Prevention

We know that the human is the weakest link in social engineering. You, yourselves need to act, considering the security norms. Whenever there is an email with an attachment or link associated with it, think twice before opening the email or clicking on the link. Make sure, if the sender is known or trusted by you. Check for the content in the email body, if practically makes sense to you. If you are not sure, do not open the attachment or click the link. Delete the email permanently, so that, it is not getting opened anytime even by mistake.


You, yourself are accountable, for securing yourself, as well as, your personal information. Let us be more security responsible and, create a strong human firewall.

Keep learning and stay safe!

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