Does this term “human firewall” sounds familiar to you? Does “human firewall” carry any relation with respect to “network firewall”? Is “human firewall” really required? If yes, how is it important and helpful in our everyday life? These are a few out of many probable questions which may come to mind after hearing the term “human firewall”. Furthermore, its time to understand the meaning and importance of “human firewall”.

Human Firewall

Human firewall is a term that is used in the information security domain. Therefore, it stands for a proactive approach that helps in to raise the awareness of information security among the people. This awareness helps people understand information security, its importance, and the consequences of its breach. Consequently, people become the 1st line of defense against the cyber-attacks or system vulnerabilities. We know that the network firewall does not allow unauthorized traffic to flow in its own network. Human firewall follows the CIA triad as a model and also helps in protecting the information by respecting its confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA).

Importance and Usefulness of Human Firewall

Are you security aware?

In the hi-tech world of today, where we are much dependent on technology, all type of securities viz physical, information, cyber etc., are much vulnerable. Nowadays, fears of digitalization and easy go targets like juice jacking are in discussion among the people. Therefore, organizations with name and fame are discussing it in their discussion panels. Conclusively, it is high time for all of us to be security aware.

First of all, let us understand that cyber-criminals initiate many security incidents and cyber attacks. As a result, any type of database both personal, as well as professional, becomes vulnerable by targeting a normal human being like you and me. Knowing someone’s email id or the username is the 1st step in social engineering attacks. Also, untrusted software, IT systems, and devices such as charging devices, for example, the use of data cables at a public place may result in juice jacking that may contain serious malware or malicious codes. Many emails with attachments or links from unknown or untrusted senders or source may contain malware that can lead to a type of cyber-attack or leakage of information.


Unawareness towards security makes individuals, devices, and systems vulnerable to cyber attacks. Security awareness, individual behavior, and actions are key areas of strong and healthy human firewall. And, it is not only an organization or any Government but each and every individual, who is responsible for all types of securities.

Stay safe and act as a strong human firewall safeguarding the designated assets in this hi-tech world!

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