Are you familiar with computers? Do you dream of creating something innovative and make your work easy? How if you are capable enough to support others as well as bring the best solutions using software!!!

With the advent of digitalization, life has become fast. Each individual has to learn and explore the opportunities using the software. It is possible if the individual is computer literate. It makes an individual run and grows at the desired pace. With learning computers, an individual also feels handy with new tools to use in the growth that he is looking for.


With the growth in technology and accessibility to digital equipment, computer education has become mandatory. Computer education helps humans take a step ahead in exploring their talent toward various business and social opportunities. Computer education helps understand and to be safe from falling prey to online fraud.

Explore Computer Education opportunities with Designprotechs

Designprotechs as an organization support and guide people to become computer literate. Our experts have years of exposure to the various professional computer languages, to guide and support you in making you into a computer professional to compete in the era of digitalization. 

We, at Designprotechs, proceed with classroom classes for learning the basics of computers at our regional center at an affordable cost.

Our education professionals have proficiencies in

  1. Computer basics which include Windows, MS Office, DOS & Internet,
  2. Languages including C, C++, Java, C#, .NET & PHP with SQL,
  3. Database including MySQL, SQL Server & Oracle 9,
  4. AutoCAD, Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDRAW & Adobe InDesign,
  5. Python and Open Source Software Framework like Hadoop,
  6. Digital Marketing.

We also proceed with online classes for clients who are unable to join the classroom.

Focus on People: Our experts are committed to the deliveries and provide individual attention to the associated people.

Career Opportunities: Our courses are vocational and, we at Designprotechs also help our clients with career 

You can directly mail us for further discussion and any kinds of support at Contact Us as well.



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