Decision making in Python


In the last tutorial, you have learned about Operators in Python. So, we will talk about the Decision Making in Python now. Decision making in Python Decision making in Python includes the if statement, the if-else statement, the elif statement, and the nested if statement. You may wonder, why [...]

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Operators in Python


Since we are aware of the introduction and basics of the Python language now, hence the next topic about Python is the operators and its different types. First of all, let us understand what is an operator. What is an Operator? Operators are the symbols used to perform some [...]

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Basics of Python


After learning the introduction of Python in the previous article, we are going to learn about the Basics of Python, which is, Characterset, Keywords, and Variables. Basics of Python Following are the Basics of Python covered in the article.  Character set Alphabet - A to Z or a to [...]

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