Introduction of HTML


 HTML, is a markup language that is used for creating Web Pages.  HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, was developed by Tim Berners-Lee in 1991. It is the official language of the World Wide Web for developing web pages.  It is the descendant of SGML i.e., Standard Generalized [...]

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Futuristic Approach – Dual Cybersecurity


COVID 19 pandemic has tossed both the business as well as humanity. Also, it has played as a catalyst in fast transforming as digital transformation for organizations across all sectors. Companies or organizations have extended their commitment to business via a remote workforce. It has also opened up various [...]

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Technology Transformation – Improving business performance


Technology transformation is playing an important role in improving business performance. This improving business performance is majoring in the outcome of technology transformation with reference to advanced technologies and the involvement of strong IT performance. Both advanced technologies and strong IT performance play a vital role in improving business [...]

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Workplace Safety – Improving Hazard Sensitivity


Safety has always been the top priority for any organization, business or personal front. When we talk about safety, it includes the safety of persons as well as material. Nevertheless, human safety is the top priority for everyone. Here we are focusing mainly on workplace safety. Also, we will [...]

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Ways to Incent Employees – Ownership and accountable


It has been observed that more than 70% of employees in any organization take responsibility for the execution of any assigned task rather than taking accountability. It is assumed that accountability falls in the bucket of leaders and responsibility lies with execution teams. Such thoughts or practices are not [...]

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Technological Changes – Introduction of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


In this fast-changing world, technology is playing its own role in multiple ways. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the many common terms being used by everyone. Its high time to understand the real meaning of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Also, we need to understand how much it [...]

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