In this fast-changing world, technology is playing its own role in multiple ways. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the many common terms being used by everyone. Its high time to understand the real meaning of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Also, we need to understand how much it has developed along with its long-term impact.

Let us understand what Artificial Intelligence is and its correlation with machine learning.

We have seen changes in technology with its growth and improvement where physical-mechanical works switched over to potential machines. The data output of those machines further helped in processing the trends for improvement and lead to the self-learning part for the machine. Self-learning is nothing but the correlation of available data with right and logical processing to gain the desired output.
In simple terms, we can define artificial intelligence as technological artifacts that influence the final actions against its own perceptions. In other words, we can say that it is nothing but logic and details that we have with us to process data, over and above self-learning of the machine so that we have a specific outcome.

Machine Learning, with its advancement of evolved self-learning, has actually proved itself and its capability to capture human intelligence. Now, it is important for us to realize that every time when there is technology change or drift in technology, it has a great impact on our capacity to compute. Unlike any other law, laws of computation are evident for being intractable to know or foresee everything.

It is much evident that Artificial Intelligence is already acting as a superhuman in many fields. It is also expected that in the coming years, we may be able to capture and express almost everything as part of human knowledge to it. Artificial Intelligence is working and exploring the roots and is helping in getting the best of everything. With the use of Artificial Intelligence, great data will be worked out for different individuals and that will help in various predictions and improvements in all and best possible ways.

I have tried to share a glimpse of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. I will be talking about the impact of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on Society and Industry in the coming blogs.
Happy reading and learning!!!!

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