We need leaders to lead the company or organization for the best possible results. It is not only the best possible results but also to walk and the extra mile. This is possible when we hunt and find the right leaders. Such leaders are the masters of attributes of effective leadership. These right leaders further exhibit the top-performing culture in an organization or company. Understanding the role of leaders, a few questions arise.
1.      Does a company or organization have the right leaders?
2.      Are leaders effective?
3.      Can we develop effective leadership qualities?
It’s a fact that a few people are born leaders. It never indicates that others who don’t have the talent to be a leader cannot groom themselves to become a leader. Understanding the leadership in-depth and practicing it as routine helps individual to learn what it means to be a leader is worth trusting.
Here are the attributes of effective leadership.
1.      Critical Thought Process
2.      Collaborate
3.      Communication
4.      Creative
5.      Committed
Let us talk about these attributes in detail.

Critical Thought Process

Critical thought process or critical thinking is the ability of a person to understand and gather the maximum information. This information helps in finding the possible ways to get into multiple options as a solution. The best fit solution is then implemented to solve the problem. This attribute develops with practice and is one of the most important attributes of effective leadership.

Critical thought process or critical thinking helps individual work on good and great ideas. It also helps in exhibiting other sub-attributes like work an extra mile, delegation, etc that results in achieving the desired outcomes.

While practicing critical thought process or critical thinking, a person needs to go back to the problem statement, gather information, getting an insight of team, looking for possible solutions, delegation, innovation, etc. (list may go long)


While working on a common goal, individuals need to work together to achieve the goal. Working together to achieve the goal is collaboration. While working in team collaboration has a different output for team members as well as a leader. When we talk about the team, then executing the designated task with owning the responsibility along with jellying up effectively with team members is collaboration. For leaders, it is delegation or learning towards how the task is delegated.

Every individual or team has their strength and weakness. Effective delegation brings close-knit among team members, provides an opportunity of new learnings, effective and clear vision and willingness of all to respect and achieve the common goal. It also helps the team in strengthening its strengths and working on weaker areas for improvement resulting in the winning team.


Leaders need to communicate well and clear. It means effective communication is another important attribute of effective communication. Communication makes a difference between a leader and a follower. It is important as the Leader has the details of what needs to execute. If a leader is not able to communicate it clearly to the team then the outcome may be undesirable, inaccurate and unacceptable sometimes. Similarly, if the organization goal or vision is not communicated clearly and effectively then the team may result in confusion or unaddressed doubts.


Being creative is the attribute of effective leadership which has the room to welcome and respect the new and innovative ideas. Creative thinking is largely of exhibiting all possibilities of solutions that make sense within the scope, time and cost factors. Creative thinking is the mother of innovation and it leads teams to explore the opportunities resulting in efficiency and best possible use available resources to accomplish the task. Many a time it is against the set rules and regulations but results in a modification in legacy to modify and respect the need of the hour.


Execution of the task with desired results is not individual but teamwork with commitment. Winning teams are committed for best results even if resources are scarce. This commitment is because of the support that committed leadership provides. Committed leaders stand with their team in times where the team is exhausted, and their teams don’t feel as neglected. When teams see and feel the availability and support of their leader in odd hours, it automatically boosts their confidence, energy, and respect to their leader. It ultimately creates a unified team of different blends committed to the best possible results.


We have discussed Attributes of Effective Leadership and anyone, who is not a born leader can be a great leader in his life. That person needs to practice and exhibit the mentioned attributes which may help him resulting in an effective leader.

Effective Leadership is the key to create winning teams that results in best possible results and helps organizations or companies to become pioneer their field of specialization.

Happy Learning!!!!!

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