Technological Changes – Introduction of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


In this fast-changing world, technology is playing its own role in multiple ways. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the many common terms being used by everyone. Its high time to understand the real meaning of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Also, we need to understand how much it [...]

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Enterprise realization towards IoT potential


We know that mobile networks are going to play an important role in digitalization. First of all, mobile networks are to provide the strong backbone, similarly, the enterprise will take an end to end lead. Realization towards IoT potential by enterprises will actually help with the exponential growth of [...]

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Role of mobile networks toward IoT Opportunities


Mobile networks are going to play a major role in the world leading to digitalization. Role of mobile networks toward IoT is to provide strong backbone where an enterprise is going for an end to end lead. IoT opportunity in the automation industry A recent study shows that the [...]

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IoT Opportunities


As IoT opportunities, IoT devices are ready to lead the category of connecting devices by 2018. This category was earlier lead by mobile phones. A study estimates the great potential economic impact of approximately $11Trillion using IoT devices by the year 2025. IoT opportunities are going to impact with [...]

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Fears towards Digitalization and Conclusion


After understanding what is Robot, fears towards digitalization in broader sense and interlinking of technology & humanity, let us discuss fears in detail. Common fears towards digitalization: A robot is an Artificial Intelligence learning device and may learn to act badly. Penetration towards private information by hackers. Spying on [...]

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Technical applications towards the betterment


Technical applications support towards the betterment of humanity is visible in day to day life in many ways. Can you imagine yourself without a cell phone, Laptop, television or any other gadget? This visualization, as a result, brings you into the totally different world. A world without any technology. [...]

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Digitalization and Its Impact


This article starts with a discussion on Digitalization, New Technologies, Robotics and overall Security (Physical as well as Cyber) along with its overall importance in our day to day life. Please share your feedback (Positive, Critic, Constructive, Guidelines) for further improvement and enhance knowledge base. This is my 1st [...]

Digitalization and Its Impact2021-04-16T09:39:02+00:00
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