Technical applications support towards the betterment of humanity is visible in day to day life in many ways. Can you imagine yourself without a cell phone, Laptop, television or any other gadget? This visualization, as a result, brings you into the totally different world. A world without any technology. But, we are lucky as we are part of a beautiful world that is full of technology. Because of continued growth in technology we are leading a quality life and improving the world. Consequently, we have many advanced technical applications towards the betterment of humanity.

Technology supporting Humanity

Visible examples of Technical applications towards the betterment of humanity are available everywhere. Technology is evolving with each passing day. We know that Technology is already part of our life. It is playing its role in a big way. As a result, Technology is leading to great aspects towards humanity. It is in the health industry, transport, mining, communication industry etc.

Robots are an extension of technology. Earth Movers (JCBs), Robotic Surgery, Programmed vacuum cleaners, in addition to washing machines and much recent drones etc are all robots. These are some examples of the combination of mechanical, electrical, electronics and computer engineering. The robot is making our life easier.

We are into the 4th industrial revolution. Hence, it is important to understand that technical applications stand deep in our life making it smooth and comfortable. Although digitalization has become an important part of our lives, yet people have fears about it.

Fears of Digitalization in a broader sense are discussed in the previous article along with the definition of Robot. Now, its time to understand with some examples how technology and humanity make human life better.

Technical applications

Technical applications towards betterment – making lives simpler

We have many Technical applications that are making our lives better every day. Here, we are discussing a few of these applications.

  1. First of all, let’s take the example of E-commerce. E-commerce is easy to use and human are so depending on it. There are many E-commerce sites like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart etc. These sites are a great example where you can place your order with a choice of delivery at doorsteps. It is because, you will also like the choice of payment modes, customer satisfaction, and cancellation policies. These sites are also available in the form of applications in mobile devices.
  2. In addition to it, is Google. Google as a search engine, lets you search for anything, anywhere, and on any device. It is another example of the advancement in the field of technology. Now, if I ask you, “Can you think of a life without Google?”. The answer is “No”.
  3. Furthermore, Microsoft is making human life easy with its MS Office software. It is also available on mobile devices and tablets as a mobile application. Therefore, you spend less time in a calculation, letter drafts, database management, etc.
  4. Another revolution is the brand Apple. Apple brand lovers prefer to buy Apple electronic devices. Why do you think the Apple brand is so popular among masses? Because these devices come with a feature of connecting to each other. Let’s cite an example. With an Apple device in your hand, you need not go to the other room to switch on the music system. You can operate it from any place that you are comfortable in and is within its range.

The conclusion of the discussion:

So, the final conclusion that we have come to is:

  • Technology is already a part of our lives.
  • Technology has great aspects towards humanity.
  • Robots are the direct extension of technology.

This article is for Technical applications for the betterment of humanity. You are requested to share your views as a result to enhance the knowledge. I will talk about Fears about Digitalization in coming articles. Happy Learning!!!

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