This article starts with a discussion on Digitalization, New Technologies, Robotics and overall Security (Physical as well as Cyber) along with its overall importance in our day to day life. Please share your feedback (Positive, Critic, Constructive, Guidelines) for further improvement and enhance knowledge base.

This is my 1st ever article on topic Digitalization and its impact. Digitalization, Robotics, Automation, Cybersecurity etc. are the hot topics. Lots of forums and articles are discussing these hot topics. As a result, in conclusion, people are having fear and not the excitement for digitalization, Robotics etc. We are lucky that we are part of the 4th Industrial Revolution. It is actually leading to a great pattern change in Business, Industry, and Society. Furthermore, talking to people about their views about Digitalization, Robotics, and Automation, fears are very genuine that need attention. A few fears are identified for further discussions.

What is Digitalization?

Digitalization is the use of digital technologies to improve a business model. It is going to provide new ways for revenue generation and will produce business / social opportunities. As a result, the value of customer satisfaction will increase. Robotics are Automation is actually part of Digitalization.

About Robotics

About Robotics

Robotics is a branch of engineering which is a mix of concepts, design, manufacture etc from all other engineering streams that includes mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science and so on. These technologies are used to develop machines which can substitute and replicate humans as well as human actions. Robots can be used in for any purpose and situation like manufacturing and service process processes, or where humans cannot survive. Nowadays, Robots are also being used in Bomb Detection and de-activation processes which are really dangerous situations for the human.

A few fears about Digitalization

  • If the robot is an AI learning device then it may learn to do something bad
  • Privacy – Hackers may penetrate your private information and eventually home
  • A government may use the information to spy on me
  • Robots may replace us and take our jobs
  • Robots may make us cold-hearted people

I do feel, readers also agree that shared fears are genuine. It is more of ignorance towards technology resulting into fear. This fear is to fade out of the minds.

Digitalization and its impact

Let us understand what a Robot is

A robot is a machine that gathers information from its environment, follow the instructions to do the work. So if we see Robot as overall, the conclusion is

  1. A robot is a Machine
  2. It collects information about its environment (Internet)
  3. It uses the collected information (Data available on the Internet)
  4. Perform the work (Programs to gather available information from environment i.e. Internet)

Furthermore, the discussion of updates towards the relationship between Technology and Humanity followed by fears in details in coming articles. Happy learning Friends!!! We are an organization of young, ambitious and energized Management Consultants & IT experts that helps to enable businesses and professionals to focus on their uniform goals resulting into achieving the ambitious results maintaining the high bar of quality. We are reachable on Designprotechs.

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