We know that mobile networks are going to play an important role in digitalization. First of all, mobile networks are to provide the strong backbone, similarly, the enterprise will take an end to end lead. Realization towards IoT potential by enterprises will actually help with the exponential growth of the enterprise.

The basic requirement of an enterprise is to connect all IoT devices that are in use. Once all the devices are connected, the next step is that the enterprise needs to take complete control over the attached devices. Enterprise understands and empowers itself enough in realization towards IoT potential to take control of the devices.

Fundamentals – Realization towards IoT potential

As the enterprise needs to empower itself, therefore mobile networks are to follow the following fundamentals helping the enterprise in realization towards IoT potential.

  1. Global mobile connectivity
  2. Control and management of controlled devices
  3. Integration of mobile network to IT infrastructure
  4. Mobile network monetization

Global mobile connectivity

Furthermore, IoT will support many critical business requirements, it is necessary that enterprise has regular and constant connectivity throughout. As a result, mobile networks will help with connectivity irrespective of where the device is and which network it is attached to. Freedom to choose the network and geographical location to the devices attached to its business helps the enterprise in its business growth

For the reason that the above-mentioned statement holds good, let us understand the following examples. We understand that enterprises are having different priorities depending upon the nature of their businesses. These priorities impact mobile connectives in one way or another. An enterprise who is into service delivery like courier services etc has priority of flawless coverage. Enterprise ensures its flawless connectivity as it is empowered enough to toggle between the networks. Similarly, the enterprise who is into maintenance like traffic signal maintenance needs reliability whereas enterprise who is into surveillance has priority over a bandwidth as well as high speed.

The enterprise must have the flexibility to choose the network which suits them to the best.

Enterprise realization towards IoT potential

Control and management of connected devices

Enterprises may use IoT devices with embedded SIMs in various numbers that vary from single digit device to millions of devices. Enterprise is to manage its IoT devices of its own. It is because, the enterprise will be in need of real-time monitoring, data management, usage and control over connected devices. Another important factor for empowering the management of connected devices is allowing enterprise executing troubleshooting and automation.

Integration of mobile network to IT infrastructure

We understand that mobile networks must have a strong backbone as well as flexibility to integrate with the IT infrastructure of an enterprise. Enterprises are understanding the fact that IoT can help in their business by helping them with real-time values. This real-time data will help the enterprise in understanding the needs, utilization, monitoring, capacity requirement etc. This is possible it has a high end to end automation. This automation may be of connectivity management, resource planning, integration of connected system etc.

Integration needs to be as simple as possible that helps the enterprise in attaining the best of IoT devices associated with its IT infrastructure. Enterprises and mobile networks need to work together for cost-effective solutions towards its implementation and success.

Mobile network monetization

Mobile networks need to create a strong backbone. Networks must have the capability and flexibility to support enterprises. These capabilities and flexibilities must be inbuilt in the mobile network to support monetization model of the enterprise. It is because all enterprises have their own needs and no single solution will fit into all enterprise.

The enterprise must have the flexibility to monetize the way that suits enterprise the best. Also, the best fit monetization models help both the enterprise as well as the customer.


Mobile networks and enterprises have to work very close to each other in making the digitalization a success. Henceforth, understanding the above-said fundamentals, both mobile networks, as well as enterprises, will be able to support humanity with the best possibilities.

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