Physical Security

When we talk about security, physical security is one of the important and most vulnerable types.  Physical security is the protection of assets which are visible and actions that may cause damage to invisible assets. Physical assets are referred to as human, IT assets, furniture or anything for the wellbeing of humankind. Invisible assets may be counted as networks and data while talking about security.

In other words, physical security is the protection of the human resource and other assets from any physical activity which may cause the damage or loose to the institute, agency or an organization. Protection in terms of physical security means protection from fire, flood, theft, vandalism, terrorism etc.

Physical Security and its importance

Importance of Physical Security

Physical security is important with its main objective as to protect the assets and facilities of the agency, institution or organization. Advanced physical security measures like CCTV, intrusion detector system, cryptography, firewalls etc would be useless if somehow intruder is able to break the physical security system.

The foremost responsibility of physical security is to protect employees or human resource. Protection of employee may be from internal or external threats.

Physical security threats can be of any type. These may be categorized as internal or external, man-made or acts of nature. It is always suggested to institutes, organization or agencies so as to impart strong physical as well as cybersecurity programs. Such programs are tandem to protect the assets of the organization, be it people or hardware.


It is ironic that when it comes to physical security, employees as part of an organization, institute or agency doesn’t take it seriously. We need to understand that human resource is the most important asset of any organization, institute or agency. On another hand, hand resource is also referred to as the weakest link when it comes to security, let that be physical or cyber. Right education and learning towards the importance of physical security is the most effective way to mitigate the threats.

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