Fears towards Digitalization and Conclusion

After understanding what is Robot, fears towards digitalization in broader sense and interlinking of technology & humanity, let us discuss fears in detail.

Common fears towards digitalization:

  • A robot is an Artificial Intelligence learning device and may learn to act badly.
  • Penetration towards private information by hackers.
  • Spying on individuals.
  • Robots replacing human leading scarcity of jobs.
  • Artificial Intelligence applications may make human cold-blooded.

Now we clearly understand that technology and humanity are interlinked.

Are you still living with these fears? If your answer is “YES”, then its “TIME TO RETHINK”.

Let us discuss the fears about digitalization in length.

A robot is an Artificial Intelligence learning device and may learn to act badly

A robot is a machine designed to execute a specific task only. It functions as per its programming and generates the desired results. Robotic arms designed for mining eg. Earthmovers etc are not designed for operations in Operations Theaters. These machines have limited learning capabilities. It is for the advancement in their design so that it executes the assigned work meticulously. It is because these machines or robots are designed for betterment and ease of human life. Reputed companies are carrying out such inventions, automation, and innovations. Since the reputation is not on the stake, these companies always consider these glitches in manufacturing and functionality.

Penetration towards personal information by hackers

Fears of digitalization knocks at one important factor called Privacy. Privacy is one of the most important factors that one needs to protect and procure. Protecting the privacy is also an individual duty. Privacy is threatened and is on the stake when we choose to connect online. We as an individual take proper care while doing any online transactions and are accountable for it. Slight ignorance of an individual leads to breaches and frauds as a result of penetration towards personal information. Government is authorizing various agencies to lay down the strong regulations to minimize the risk. Cybersecurity laws and technologies like Cryptography, Ciphering, different & advanced methods of Encryption are already in place globally and are getting evolved regularly. As a result of such advancements, we are getting secured cyber world. Governments across the globe are regularly testing and implementing the strong norms to protect the privacy and individuality.

Spying on individuals

Privacy & security run hand in hand. This is a topic of discussion for a long time. Governments across the globe have created strong guidelines to follow by their countrymen to protect the right of privacy and security. These guidelines are continuously evolving. Multiple policies like Non-Disclosure Agreement, Code of Business Ethics & Conduct are some examples which are in place and are into continual evolving phase. Assigning and linking of Aadhar number to identify an individual and assets is another example where personal details are with Government agencies and are safe. Privacy and security is one among the top priorities and hence diluting the fears towards digitalization to a great extent. Use of personal information as a result of leakage is illegal and punishable.

Robots replacing human leading scarcity of jobs

This is another important topic of discussion in various segments of society. Yes, there is no doubt that robots will replace human and take certain jobs. Usage of machines and robots is part of transformation towards high-end technology. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a process automation technology based on Artificial Intelligence or robots. Robots with the support of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is replacing the work that is monotonous, physical and underpaid. If it happens then the question of employment emerges. Will it rise to unemployment? Initially yes as it will be difficult to adjust the workforce but gradually it will increase the employment options. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) itself is creating a lot of employment opportunities. We as humans need to accept the changes and need to improve our own skill sets and become fit. It is not among fears towards digitalization but opportunities.

fears towards digitalization

Artificial Intelligence applications may make human cold-blooded

We as a human gets into Myths, seek practical and then conclude the things. As fears towards digitalization if robots will make us cold-hearted people, let us talk about Myths, Practical and Conclusions.


Human feels that social media is harming our real social life keeping us away from reality. Rather than keeping a human connection with each other, technology is playing a role in keeping people disconnected. Although technology is there at home to serve us better, we find ourselves serving technology.


We are spending approximate 3 hours on an average over our smartphones. A major part of our day is getting spend on screen for office work, online shopping, browsing opportunities, learnings and social media.


Robots or Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or Applications connect us with each other. It is the use of technology and is not to replace our loved ones.


Video call consumption using the applications like IMO, Skype or other messages is on the higher side. As a result, it is the best experience to interact with our loved ones who are physically away from us. Robots or Robotic Process Automation is taking away the monotonous work and ultimately creating job opportunities.

More to it, fears of digitalization are not actually fears but opportunities!!!

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