Basics of Python


After learning the introduction of Python in the previous article, we are going to learn about the Basics of Python, which is, Characterset, Keywords, and Variables. Basics of Python Following are the Basics of Python covered in the article.  Character set Alphabet - A to Z or a to [...]

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Lasso Tool in Photoshop


In one of my earlier post, I have discussed the marquee tools in Photoshop. Another important tool for selection is the lasso tool in Photoshop. Lasso Tool in Photoshop There are three types of Lasso tools. These are the Lasso tool, which is primary, next is the Polygonal Lasso [...]

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Social Engineering – Attacks and Prevention


Social Engineering is another term that is used in the Information Security domain. It refers to the several activities resulting in frauds that are carried out, through human interactions. In other words, it is another way of manipulation, as a result, people share their confidential information with the source. [...]

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Importance and Usefulness of Human Firewall


Does this term "human firewall" sounds familiar to you? Does "human firewall" carry any relation with respect to "network firewall"? Is "human firewall" really required? If yes, how is it important and helpful in our everyday life? These are a few out of many probable questions which may come [...]

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