Blame games!!!! A very common term which we are hearing in our day to day life. The blame game is one among many habits that lower down the productivity as well as the motivation. Let us understand the meaning of blame games and why blame games are not recommended.

A blame game is a situation where someone or a group blames other for anything unfavorable rather seeking the right way to solve the situation. In other words, it is the situation of the individual or a group failure to accomplish some task. It generally happens when someone is not ready to take responsibility because of any reason like fear of criticism, losing credibility and more. In such situations, people try to find a target who is made a scapegoat for the consequences of the failure.

Let us understand the same by an example.  John’s team, where he is a team leader, has been assigned a job in his office. He assigns some work for execution to David which was not accomplished at the time of execution. David is a hard worker but has a tendency to put off work for the next day. David was to talk with Mary and Leslie, team members, for some details on the matter that was required for the completion of the task. Out of his habit, he didn’t talk with both and could not get the details required on time. Later when the work was not complete, he started blaming both Mary and Leslie for not supporting.

Sometimes the reasons are genuine but much of the time these are simple or lame excuses that people seek to hide their inability of accomplishment. For those who regularly follow such practices, it slowly becomes a habit or custom in their personality.

Let us understand that life is like a coin where, when it gets tossed, it is either heads or tails. It clearly states that when we try to accomplish some goal in life, it is either a success or a failure. And ironically, life puts us many times in such situations. As an individual, one must have the courage to accept the failures as well. These failures, on the contrary, help in getting the right solution so that going forward, finding excuses does not become a recurring activity. Blame games are followed by those who do not have the acceptance of failure. Therefore, they start searching for some scapegoat or target or excuse for the failure of being unsuccessful.

blame game

Although there are many, yet a few reasons for, are:

  1. Lack of Discipline
  2. Lack of Courage
  3. Procrastination

Let us understand these are pillars of blame games.

Lack of Discipline

Discipline is one of the topmost traits that one must have to lead a quality life. One, who is disciplined, has right set of estimates to bridge the gaps for accomplishing a task. A disciplined person has the guts to accept his / her failure and learn from the mistakes committed. Being disciplined minimizes the blame game part and yields the best possible outcomes as an accomplishment.

Lack of Courage

Another aspect of individual personality is the acceptance of the failure with grace. If an individual has the courage of acceptance, only then individuality can be groomed to the next level. It also makes individual confident enough to take charge of the situation. This trait also helps to improve another part of one’s personality which is commonly called analytical skills. After accepting the failure, a person analyses the situation for finding out the lapse or actions or inactions which became the root cause of failure. After the analyses, improvement plans are worked out and lessons are learned. It minimizes the blame game part and helps to make people more strong and realistic.


Procrastination is nothing but putting off the activities to the next day or to other hours which can be closed today or at the current hour. Many times, people get over-burdened because of piled up work and that result in a blame game. It generally happens when people start following procrastination towards difficult assignments. If we avoid procrastination, blame game part will automatically get minimal.


I want to conclude saying that all mentioned factors i.e. Lack of Discipline, Lack of Courage and Procrastination are inter related to each other. One must read himself honestly and start developing the sense of acceptance and discipline. One must also work on minimizing the procrastination factor so as to become a good leader and a great personality in himself.

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