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Futuristic Approach – Dual Cybersecurity


COVID 19 pandemic has tossed both the business as well as humanity. Also, it has played as a catalyst in fast transforming as digital transformation for organizations across all sectors. Companies or organizations have extended their commitment to business via a remote workforce. It has also opened up various [...]

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Role of mobile networks toward IoT Opportunities


Mobile networks are going to play a major role in the world leading to digitalization. Role of mobile networks toward IoT is to provide strong backbone where an enterprise is going for an end to end lead. IoT opportunity in the automation industry A recent study shows that the [...]

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IoT Opportunities


As IoT opportunities, IoT devices are ready to lead the category of connecting devices by 2018. This category was earlier lead by mobile phones. A study estimates the great potential economic impact of approximately $11Trillion using IoT devices by the year 2025. IoT opportunities are going to impact with [...]

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Juice Jacking its Causes along with Prevention


Does the term "Juice Jacking" sounds familiar to you? If no, then let us understand what does juice jacking mean and how does it relate to you. In this hi-tech world, we are very much dependent on the gadgets like smartphones, tablets etc. These gadgets play a major role [...]

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